The raffle has been a popular element of our conference for many years. We were faced with the challenge of how to re-create this experience for a hybrid event.

The solution was to find a partner, RallyUp, that could let us run the raffle online. Prizes will be available for pick-up after the evening keynote on Saturday, if you or a friend will be on site. If you are not going to be here in Columbus, we can ship items as well, but you will need to pay shipping charges.

The raffle page gives extensive instructions about how to enter – please read through them because some aspects of the platform are non-obvious.

Prizes include:

  • Queen-sized quilt made from t-shirts that Jon “maddog” Hall has collected from events and groups over tha past 25 years
  • Game Pack: Alan Turing Monopoly set and 25 years of UNIX playing cards
  • FreedomBox Lime2 Server
  • Raspberry Pi kit with case and HDMI cables
  • Artwork created by penguins in the National Aviary
  • Linux Foundation “Getting Started” LFCA/KCNA certification package
  • Linux Foundation Kubernetes Fundamentals course and exam
  • Linux Foundation Open Source Management Strategy course

Thanks for your support, and good luck!

Visit Raffle Page