Speaker Information

Speaker Information for OLF Conference 2023

Thank you for agreeing to speak at the OLF Conference. These are things we ask of you. We’ve tried to arrange them in chronological order.

In the recent past there has been a surge of talks at various conferences that have contained inappropriate content. Please remember that OLF aims to be a family-friendly and professional event. Anyone who cannot meet this basic standard will be escorted from the stage immediately. If you are not sure whether something is inappropriate, please contact us at speakers@ohiolinux.org.

  1. You must register for the conference. Do this now. Use the free speakers registration level under “Registration Options” (if you don’t see it, ask the Speaker Chair for the access code).
  2. Please make sure your hotel and transportation needs are met. Unless previously agreed to we cannot help with these costs. The hotel block rate is only available through August 24, so make reservations ASAP.
  3. Let us know ASAP if your talk will involve playing audio through our sound system. We can make 1/8 inch audio plugs available, but they will only be provided in rooms where they are requested. There will be a staff/speaker WiFi network available—ask the Speaker Chair for login credentials when you check in. Just in case, be prepared in the event networking isn’t available for some reason.
  4. All slides must be provided no later than September 4. Slides should be in a non-proprietary format such as PDF or OpenDocument. There is no direct upload on the web site, so just e-mail them to speakers@ohiolinux.org.
  5. Unless otherwise arranged, be prepared to use your own laptop, connecting via HDMI cable to a projector. You will need to bring an adapter if you have a different port. We’ve been told the projectors do not support Miracast. Have a back-up plan ready in case there is networking trouble or your demo explodes (as they tend to do). Please contact us promptly if there is a problem.
  6. When you arrive, you will need to check in for the conference at the registration desk to get your badge. After this, please notify the Speaker Chair by phone, text, or in person at least two hours prior to your talk. (See the conference schedule for time and location once it is posted.) If we don’t get notice that you’ve arrived, we may give away your time slot to someone else!
  7. A green room will be available for you to relax and go over your talk one last time. See the Speaker Chair for details.
  8. If you want to test out your equipment with our AV setup, we intend to have some soundcheck opportunities. Details TBD.
  9. Talk slots are 50 minutes in length, including time for people to ask questions. Please be prompt in finishing so that the next speaker can set up. Arrive at least 5 minutes before your speaking time so that you can settle in and make sure everything is working.
  10. We are planning to stream some talks via our YouTube channel. You are welcome to take your own audio or video of your talk.

Thanks! We are aiming to have the best quality conference and we know you are, too.

This page may change at any time. The Ohio LinuxFest reserves the right to cancel any talk at any time for any reason.