Join us at OLF 2022 on December 2 & 3!

Registration for our 20th annual conference is open until noon on Thursday, December 1. Review our schedule for the program and keep an eye on our news page for announcements.

Volunteer at OLF

We need your help! Giving back to the Linux and free and Open Source community has never been more fun.

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You’ll be selling to the largest audience of users of Free and Open Source Source Software in the Midwest.

Hosting Sponsors

Oregon State University Open Source Lab
Pair Networks

Book Signing at OLF

We are delighted to have the authors of two recent books speaking at the 2022 OLF Conference! They are both interested in meeting with our attendees and signing copies of their work. We will have a table for them in our expo area. They'll have a limited number of...

Propose your OLF 2022 Birds of a Feather session

Almost since the beginning, the OLF conference has held Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions. We are excited to bring these back to our 20th year in 2022! For those who are not familiar with them, a BoF is usually a less formal and more interactive session than your...

Schedule and Speakers for 2022 Published

The ball is rolling for the 2022 OLF Conference! We have published our schedule and list of speakers and presentations, so take a look to see what is on offer this year. We are excited to have Amber Graner delivering one of our keynotes, and Jon "maddog" Hall...

2022 Registration Has Opened

We have opened registration for 2022's OLF Conference! We are Standing Tall and Looking Forward at the brand-new Hilton tower in downtown Columbus for our 20th annual event on December 2 and 3. Or, if you can't physically be there, sign up for our Online Only Pass to...

OLF is back for 2022!

We know that we've been quiet about the 2022 OLF Conference so far. The good news is we've been working behind the scenes to pull things off, and now have a contract signed! The premier event for Free and Open Source software in the Midwest is a go. The OLF Conference...

2021 Videos and Slides Now Available

OLF Conference 2021 was our first-ever hybrid event, and we were delighted to have attendees come back in person! Many of you joined us virtually by watching the YouTube streams as well. If you weren't able to attend, or if there was a presentation you missed, we now...