About the OLF Conference

OLF (formerly known as Ohio LinuxFest) is a grassroots conference for the GNU/Linux/Open Source Software/Free Software community that started in 2003 as a large inter-LUG (Linux User Group) meeting and has grown steadily since. It is a place for the community to gather and share information about Linux and Open Source Software.

A large expo area adjacent to the conference rooms will feature exhibits from our sponsors as well as a large .org section from non-profit Open Source/Free Software projects.

The OLF Conference welcomes people from all 50 states and international participants. We’ve had participants from Canada, England, Argentina, Brazil, and Australia in years past.

Several registration levels are available for attendees. Please help support the non-profit volunteer-run OLF by donating or by registering for the OLF Institute, our professional training offerings. There is also a donation option to support the 2021 event via the Linux Foundation’s LFX Crowdfunding platform.

Diversity Statement

The OLF Conference is dedicated for making Open Source truly open to everyone. We do not discriminate based on ethnic background, religion, gender, sexuality, body shape, disability, or even what operating system you use. We also do not tolerate harassment based on discrimination.

Please see our Conduct Policy.

We understand that some people need special assistance to fully enjoy our conference. If we can help you find a wheelchair, arrange for an ASL translator or a guide for the sight impaired, or any other special need, please let us know at assist@ohiolinux.org. Sorry, we cannot help with child care needs. Please understand that organizing some things take time and are best pre-arranged. If you need help the day of the event please contact a staff person for assistance. We will handle your request or complaint as quickly as possible.

Privacy Policy

The OLF Conference gathers personal information from people who register to attend. This information is only used by the organizers to improve future conferences. This information is not disclosed without your approval.

When you register for the conference you have the option of receiving announcement email from us and from our sponsors. We do not share these addresses any further.

The Ohio LinuxFest Corporation

The OLF Conference is put on by the Ohio LinuxFest Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in the state of Ohio to promote the education of Linux and Free and Open Source software. The corporation was founded by people from various Linux User Groups in the Midwest to promote and manage the annual event. The corporation is non-profit and is an all-volunteer organization. If you would like to contribute your time, talent, or funds to the conference, then please write us at team@ohiolinux.org.

Ohio LinuxFest Corporation
421 W State St, Unit 213
Columbus, Ohio 43215

(614) 655-7644

Federal Tax ID (EIN) 20-4510424.