Birds of a Feather 2020

The 2020 OLF Conference will be holding Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions between 6:00 and 9:00pm U.S. Eastern Time on Friday, November 6 (see other timezones).

A BoF session is typically more interactive than a regular presentation; it is an opportunity for a group of people with a common interest to get together. Past session topics have included text editors, game development, homebrew computing, Google Summer of Code projects, configuration management systems, and running Linux user groups.

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We are proud to be partnering with GeekBeacon, which is hosting us on their Discord for this year’s BoFs. Join it today!

Planned Sessions

Below are the sessions we have lined up for this year. Please note that a tweak has been made to the adblocking session, so please double-check the times and Discord channel names so you go to the right place!

Vim and VS Code – Steven Pritchard

Vim is great, but I find myself using VS Code on a daily basis. If you’re curious why you’d use either, or why you’d choose one over the other, please join us for demos and discussion.

Time: 6:00pm
Discord channel: vim-vscode

Containers, Pods and Kubes: a Tupperware mania – Samir

In the past few years containers, whether you use docker, podman, LXC, and orchestration has changed how we develop and ship code. Come join us and talk about your loves and hate of the new technical ecosystem that is taking root all around us.

Time: 6:00pm
Discord channel: containers

Whole home ad blocking – Tyler

We are going to discuss whole home AdBlocking with AdGuardHome, AdGuard and Pi-Hole.

Time: 7:00pm
Discord channel: adblocking

A Geek’s Gotta Eat! – Cheryl Jones-Woodman

After slaving over a hot computer all day, who wants to have to put together something to eat?

As a Pampered Chef Senior Consultant, I am hosting a fundraiser for OLF… and I’ll be sharing some quick meal ideas, showcasing some of the great Pampered Chef products available.

We’ll cover ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Commissions earned for the sales of products will be donated to OLF.

Time: 7:00pm
Discord channel: gottaeat
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Facebook group link

Supporting Mental Health and Neurodiversity – Nixie Pixel

You may have a formal diagnosis of a special brain, or thought at one time that you’re not normal. This BoF is for you! Share your stories about being a neuro-diverse geek.

Time: 8:00pm
Discord channel: neurodiversity

Linux in the Ham Shack – Russ Woodman and William Stearns

We will be discussing using Linux and Open Source software for computing in the STE(A)M and amateur radio space. We will touch on topics from radio control to contact logging, shortwave listening, software-defined radio, general communications, digital modes, Internet radio connectivity and more. We will have video demonstrations and desktop sharing available during the BOF for audience participation and Q&A.

Time: 8:00pm
Discord channel: hamshack

Since we are virtual this year, BoFs will be held on Discord. This platform offers voice and text chat, and the presenter will have the ability to share their screen with everyone. Apps for Linux and Android are available – Discord can also be accessed by browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) although the experience may not be as good.

If you have any questions, please contact BoF organizer Vance Kochenderfer at