Birds of a Feather 2021

The 2021 OLF Conference will be holding Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions between 8:00 and 10:00pm on Friday, December 3.

A BoF session is typically more interactive than a regular presentation; it is an opportunity for a group of people with a common interest to get together. Past session topics have included text editors, game development, homebrew computing, Google Summer of Code projects, configuration management systems, and running Linux user groups.

Available rooms will have a projector and screen and a capacity of about 30 people. Let us know if you will want to play audio – we may be able to accommodate this, or you might need to bring your own speakers. While sessions are an hour long, please plan to wrap up 5 to 10 minutes early so the next group can come in and get settled.

Pre-applications have closed, but day-of signups will be possible on Friday, December 3 at the registration area as long as there is space available.

Planned Sessions

Why was it that way? Why is it this way? WHY, WHY, WHY? – Jon “maddog” Hall

There are many urban legends that surround computers, operating systems and how they evolved.

Did major systems manufacturers strive to “lock in” customers?

Did DEC really hate UNIX?

Is UNIX really sexist with man(1) pages?

What was with the demon?

This BoF will give you the chance to ask these many questions, with members of the BoF giving authoritative answers… or if we do not know, at least a good story.

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation – benny Vasquez

AlmaLinux OS is the community-owned downstream RHEL-clone that was launched as a result of the end of life for CentOS Linux.

Come ask questions about AlmaLinux and the AlmaLinux OS Foundation.

Movie: The Gold Rush – Beth Lynn Eicher

The Gold Rush is a heartwarming Charlie Chaplin holiday movie from 1925. A man re-emerging from an isolation while finding love along the way.

If you have any questions, please contact BoF organizer Vance Kochenderfer at