We were delighted to have so many of you attending OLF this year in person and online! Maybe there was a presentation you missed, or one you wanted to get the presenter’s slides from? Below you’ll find links to the video for each one that was streamed, plus the final slides we have so far.

Note that this post will be updated as we add more slides. We will eventually separate out and post individual videos of each talk on our YouTube channel, but there is no set deadline for this. In the meantime, the video links below will take you to the correct timepoint of the stream video.

  • Python: the Multi-tool for System Management – Jonathan Bowman (Video, Slides)
  • Better Websites with the Apache HTTP Server – Patrick Tudor (Video)
  • Maturing Information Security Programs with Risk Register and Risk Scoring – Rafeeq Rehman (Video)
  • NGINX 102 – Tim Quinlan (Video, Slides)
  • BASH Configuration and Usage – David Both (Video, Slides)
  • Secure Your IOT by Taking It Out of the Cloud – Tony Bemus (Video)
  • A Demonstration of Free Cybersecurity Training – Mike Kwiatkowski (Video, Slides)
  • Kubeflow: Bring your ML project into Production – Liang Yan (Video, Slides)
  • Keynote: Distribution Review (Video)
  • Keynote: Every NTEU is Someone’s Guru – Amber Graner (Video)
  • AI for Everyone? – Matt Eland (Video)
  • Containers Made Easy with GitLab – Steven Pritchard (Video)
  • 10 Things DevOps Is; 10 Things DevOps Isn’t – Matt Williams (Video)
  • Your Bug Tracker and You – Ben Cotton (Video, Slides)
  • Punched Cards, Portable Computers, and Linux ISOs: A 50,000:1 Scale History of Human-Computer Interaction – Eostre Emily Danne (Video)
  • My First Look at Rust – Terry Howald (Video)
  • Keynote: United We Stand – Jon “maddog” Hall (Video)

The following presentations were not recorded, but we will post slides where we have them.

  • Market Rate: Is It Just for Seafood? – Yvette Menase (Slides)
  • Journey to Containerized Applications: Uyuni Experiences – Don Vosburg, SUSE (Slides)
  • The Road to EPEL 9 – Carl George, CentOS
  • Case Study: Incremental Migration from WebSphere to Open Source – Kyle Jenkins
  • Data Rules for Observability – Dave McAllister, F5
  • Ansible: the Evolution, Ecosystem, Execution Environments, Event-Driven, and Kubernetes – Joshua Preston, Red Hat

Thanks so much to every one of our speakers; they make OLF what it is.