The ball is rolling for the 2022 OLF Conference! We have published our schedule and list of speakers and presentations, so take a look to see what is on offer this year.

We are excited to have Amber Graner delivering one of our keynotes, and Jon “maddog” Hall returning for another!

There is a variety of technical topics including security, DevOps, webservers, artificial intelligence, containers, and Rust. In addition, we have career-oriented presentations to boost your working life. Don’t forget our OLF Institute professional training classes as well!

A few sessions are still yet to be confirmed, so keep checking in to see what gets added. Note that some times and locations may change, so be sure to review the updated schedule before heading to a talk.

Keep in mind that the hotel block cut-off is November 10, so you only have about 72 hours to guarantee your reservations at the negotiated rate. Make yours now so you don’t miss out!