Six months ago, the pandemic hit. We had hoped and expected that we’d be able to host in person due to being later in the year. Time went on and it became clear that there were numerous risks to our success if we were to continue as planned:

  • Will we have enough sponsors?
  • Will people show up?
  • Will we be allowed to host a large gathering?
  • If they do show up, will they get sick?

Above all, we didn’t want for anyone to get hurt and we didn’t want to go bankrupt. After significant consideration, we started exploring how we could go virtual. Fortunately, our venue was accommodating and allowed us to reschedule without penalties. We’re grateful to the Hyatt for being understanding.

OLF Conference 2020 is on, will be virtual, and we’re excited to have a special event with all of you! This year, we plan to experiment with the program and make the best of the flexibility introduced with being virtual.

Stay tuned for further announcements on our web site, which will be coming fast. Meanwhile, save the date for November 5-7. While we might not use all those days, you can be certain that it will at least be on one of them.