This is a blog newspost highlighting SOME of the speakers at Ohio LinuxFest  While the Schedule is being updated, you can see the list of speakers growing here.  The main track list is in alphabetical order, by the first name of the speakers, after the keynote abstracts. The schedule including the time of each speaker is under development.  Here is the conference outline for now…

2019 Keynotes Rikki Endsley and Jon maddog Hall Our Three keynoters in 2019 are John Mertic, Rikki Endsley and Jon maddog Hall. John is the Director of Program Management – Linux Foundation. He will share – Open Source and the Motion Picture Industry, 5pm Friday Nov. 1. Rikki is the Editor of Red Hat Developer, former Editor of  She is interested in sharing – How Will You Steer Your Open Source Career?,  Jon (maddog) is the Chairman of the Board of the Linux Professional Institute and more. He will share – (footnote) 50 years of *x, Why is it important and where do we go from here? John Mertic will be Friday at 5pm, Rikki Endsley will be the opening keynoter Saturday 9am, Jon (maddog) Hall will be the closing Saturday at 6pm.

Featured Program Speakers are spotlighted below, with many more to be announced!

  Scott Merrill will present – Introduction to Core DNS.

  Amber Graner will present –  Introduction to Zeek, An Open Source Monitoring Project.

Steven Pritchard will present –  Modern Puppet.

Tim Quinlan will present – Holistic System Automation with Ansible.

Nikola Novakovic will present – Demystifying Machine Learning.

Faris Rehman will present –  Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: A Hands-On Introduction.

Jack Hill will present –  Practical Software Freedom with GNU Guix

. MORE to be added!  The main track list is in alphabetical order, by the first name of the speakers.