Diversity in Open Source (DIOS)

At Ohio LinuxFest, diversity and inclusion in open source is important to us. In 2017, our Chair of Diversity and Inclusion, Lauren Kinsey, put together a special workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to empower people from groups that are underrepresented in open source. Getting involved in the world of Open Source can open career doors and change someone’s life for the better.
Diversity in Open Source workshops have continued over the years at Ohio LinuxFest, serving people of all backgrounds.  Workshop participants share issues in the world of open source. We would like to welcome all 2017 Feet Wet in Open Source participants to join us in the full LinuxFest Conference in 2018.  Pictured below are last year’s mentors that we would like to thank. We recognize this dedication. We agree that open source should become a more inclusive space now and in the future.