Available to all registration tiers, the Career Track is a day-long collection of speakers sharing their insights and experience in the technology sector as it relates to “softer” skills. In an industry where hard skills in frameworks and tech stacks are valued so highly, sometimes it is easy to overlook the ways we interact with each other, take care of our own well-being, or grow our own career outside of learning new technology. More and more, the things that contribute to a positive culture are becoming important to employers and employees. Below is a list of the current lineup (links to the schedule and speaker bio/talk summary):

Cleaning Up Toxic Teams and Dissolving Dysfunction – Aladin Gohar

Panel Discussion – Warner Moore, Cassandra Faris, Jason Green, and Chad White (Moderator)

Essential Non-Technical Skills – Nikola Novakovic

So, What Is It Like to Work at Red Hat Anyways? – Steve Ovens

Helping Your Manager Be a Better Leader for You – Christopher H. Laco

How the Open Source Movement, Digital Prototyping, and Crowd Funding Is Democratizing Opportunity – Alex Bandar

New Jobs in AI Economy – Rafeeq Rehman

Link to schedule