As a reminder the Ohio LinuxFest 2016 will be having again its “Birds of a Feather Sessions” (BoFs), Friday, October 7th 6pm-9pm. REGISTER your own session today!

penguin feather


What are BoFs?

BoFs are a great way to network with people interested in the same subjects the night before so you can keep in contact throughout the conference and beyond. BoFs can also serve as a space where the community addresses topics they don’t see covered on the official schedule. There is no strict definition of what needs to happen. Often it is a ’round table’ where people with similar interests discuss / ask questions on a given subject, or a presentation / project they have been working on.

Who can do a BoF?

Any registered attendee can host one while time slots remain available (@ 50-55min), and there are still slots available.

What are some examples of BoFs?

Examples of topics for BoFs in the past include:  GPG Keysigning Party,  VIM, Raspberry Pi, Running a Linux Users’ Group, Flowblade, Bitcoin, Puppet, MySQL, LPI, KDE, Gnome, Photography and Linux . . .

Why Friday night?

It was decided a few years ago to have BoFs on Fridays to give attendees a chance to meet others before the jam-packed talks on Saturday, in a relaxed, Friday night atmosphere.  There is also the added advantage then that if you find other birds of the same feather on Friday, it can carry through the rest of the fest . . . and beyond!