We’re excited to have a great set of Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions lined up for OLF 2019! Here are the planned topics so far:

Let’s Finish This – Jon “maddog” Hall

For fifty years maddog has been using collaboratively made software, but he is still waiting for “The year of the Linux Desktop” to arrive. What is needed to truly bring this about? This is a brainstorming session to attack this question.

Fedora Community BoF – Ben Cotton

What’s new in Fedora? What’s coming? What’s on your mind? Come discuss all of these with the Fedora Program Manager and other Fedora community members.

Raspberry Pi Project Showcase – Terry Howald

Come show off your Raspberry Pi projects. This will be an informal get together where folks have the opportunity to display and discuss their projects. I have a “work in progress” project I plan to show. Join us!

Ubuntu BoF – Terry Howald

I’ve been an Ubuntu desktop user now for eight years. How do you use Ubuntu? I’ll share my experience, then give others the opportunity to do the same.

Vim – Steven Pritchard

The Vim editor is awesome. Let’s discuss.

Puppet – Steven Pritchard

Topics may include: Puppet and its extended ecosystem (Bolt, Choria, modules, etc.), configuration management concepts, module development and testing, getting started with Puppet, and more!

#getoffmylawn – Steven Pritchard

Have you been using Linux since before it was cool? Old-timers, let’s get together, tell stories from our youth, and maybe teach these youngsters a thing or two. A gray beard is not needed to participate.

There is still space available for more sessions, so please see our BoF page to propose your own! Space permitting, you will also be able to propose one on site on Friday.

Please contact our BoF Chair Vance Kochenderfer at vance@ohiolinux.org with any questions.