We are delighted with the response we’ve gotten to our call for Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions this year! Here are some of the topics we’ve gotten so far:

  • Chromebooks in Education: Discussion of one school district’s transition from using Macbook Airs to Chromebooks and how teachers and students adapted, followed by an open forum about how Chromebooks or Linux in general can be deployed elsewhere.
  • Pyramid CDC – SmartNet: Explore all Open Source options to develop an IT hub in Linden and surrounding communities in Central Ohio to increase digital literacy, build new technologies to overcome poverty, and eliminate technology barriers.
  • Home-brew Computers: What does it take to build your own computer hardware? What do the various modules do and how have CPU designs changed over time? Once built, how you get Linux running?
  • Digital Making with the Raspberry Pi: The RPi is a credit-card sized computer compatible with multiple Linux distributions. Demo of projects including robots, sensors, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Vim: Vim (the text editor) is awesome. Discuss.
  • Puppet: Let’s talk about Puppet plus automation and configuration management in general.
  • Game Development on Linux: Discussion of making games including development tools, target platforms, and 2D/3D programming and demo of some recent projects. Bring your own projects to talk about and share!
  • Code Generator, Code Making Code: How can you automatically generate code starting from an initial build object? We’ll go over an example for a database-driven app and show how the data structures and even rudimentary front-end forms can be generated.
  • Yinzer Penguins Unite: A gathering of folks who either live in Pittsburgh, used to live there, or wish that they had. Catch up with old friends and talk about what’s going on there now and in the future.

We hope you will visit our happy hour on Friday, October 12 starting at 5:00pm and then join us from 6:00 to 9:00pm for these sessions. There are still BoF timeslots available – visit the application form to submit your idea, or contact us at vance@ohiolinux.org!